Site Information

It is understood that Ravensborg is a long-functioning Living History site and has established rules/guidelines  Rules/Guidelines are to be found on the Ravensborg website and include policies on guns/smoking/livestock/pets/etc.  The website for the site is at:

The site is designed as a meeting place for reenactors across the globe.  All reenactors that meet kit guidelines and that are acceptable to site organizers are allowed to participate. Kit guideline exceptions will be made for medical necessities and devices, but these should be disguised as possible.


The site owner and their appointed representatives are the final authority on site usage and participation.   Anyone found in violation of posted site rules may be asked to leave immediately.

Please review the SITE website at the address above for site rules, policies and resources.  All event information, changes, and updates will occur on the EVENT website.   Lack of knowledge of the rules/policies is no exemption from their enforcement.   Ravensborg is a private event, held on private land.  Failure to abide by the rules will result in being told to leave the event or will not be allowed to attend ANY future events at the site.  

Site rule/policy summary: 
 No pets or other animals without prior approval
     •    Camping in designated areas only
     •    All modern items should be hidden or removed during the event anywhere outside of parking or non-period camping.
     •    Firearms are discouraged on the property.  If brought, they must remain in a vehicle in a locked area and out of sight.
     •    Anyone displaying a gun or announcing having a gun on the property will be told to leave the property.
     •    Cigarettes (traditional and electronic) are to be used outside the fort and away from the gate and port-o-johns.  All butts must be removed from the site
     •     Propane or other compressed gas containers cannot be disposed of on site. 
     •   Threats of personal violence or aggression (outside of scenario parameters) will result in expulsion from site 
     •   Attendees are asked to behave in a respectable, adult manner. 

Welcome to Ravensborg and Welcome to Germania!