Authenticity Standards

Emphasis is primarily on the immersion level of event.  Participants are expected to arrive and participate throughout the event as a person of the period.   Modern intrusions are to be kept to an absolute minimum.  (See site rules for exceptions about medical equipment)


Roman kit standards will be to Legion XIIII guidelines for Legion and Auxilae troops.   Kit standards for Roman civilians will be forthcoming.


Germanic kit standards will also be based in Legion XIIII guidelines.  One of the primary Viking groups that is normally resident at the fort has been invited to portray the Germanic village, with invitations to other dark-age reenactors to consider representing the Germanic side. Understanding that good opposition is hard to find, exact authenticity will be somewhat flexible for the Germanic friends/foes.   


Additional links to resources will be forthcoming.

Germanic/Celtic Resources

                            Britons/Celts/Non-Romans - Legio XX