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1st C. AD Living History Event

August 9-11 2019


Ravensborg, the site of North America's largest Viking Market, will be hosting a Roman era event and will be portraying a village somewhere along the borders of Roman and Free Germania. 


Roman and Germanic reenactors are welcome (both military and civilian). Viking age reenactors have been invited to portray the Germanic village with appropriate kit. 


This will be an immersion event with no public hours and open only to registered participants.

Current units invited are:

Legio XIIII Gemina

Legio XXI Rapax


Individuals by Invite

If your group is interested in participating, please contact the event Organizers.  

69CE. The Batavian revolt lead by Jvlvis Civilvs, is only a day or two old. The Romans are eager to determine which longtime allies are still friends, and which have joined the revolt, or may be planning on actions of their own while the Batavi keep the attention of the Legions elsewhere.
Roman citizens have fled the Batavi regions, with a few quickly moving east into Germania, seeking protection within the walled village of Hrabanazburh, of the Ravanni tribe. The Ravanni are a moderate a sized, but influencial tribe locate just North Tuetoborg Forest, benefitting from it’s closeness to Noviomagus which is just west of their lands across the border in Lesser Germania.
Chief Dernivs and his Father before him, have been friendly towards Rome for many years. Although not in a Roman Province, they have benefited by allowing a Roman trade within their village. The Ravanni have also provided a number Auxillia to the Legions during recent years. Of Note: Although the Ravanni have been friendly with Rome since 16 CE.
It is still not proven if this tribe was involved in the massacre in 9 CE. A Vexilation has been sent to the village to determine their loyalty in regards to the Batavian revolt, recruit more Auxiliaries, and guarantee the safety of any Roman Citizens that heave fled to Hrabnazburg.



Event Information



Ravensborg Viking Longfort

Knox City, Missouri 63446


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