1st C. AD Living History Event

August 7-9, 2020


Ravensborg, the site of North America's largest Viking Market, will once again host a Roman era event and will be portraying a village somewhere along the borders of Roman and Free Germania. 


Roman and Germanic reenactors are welcome (both military and civilian). Viking age reenactors have been invited to portray the Germanic village with appropriate kit. 


This will be an immersion event with no public hours and open only to registered participants.

Current units invited are:

Legio XIIII Gemina

Legio XXI Rapax


Individuals by Invite

If your group is interested in participating, please contact the event Organizers.  

69CE.   Only days after The Batavian revolt lead by Jvlvis Civilvs,  a contubernium detached from Legio XIIII scouted the walled village of Hrabanazburh, of the Ravanni tribe; searching for allies and for foes.  
It was there that the Romans meet with Chief Dernivs and his men and found Roman citizens seeking shelter under the Germanic warlord, along with strange emissaries from the East.
While the situation was ripe for real violence, in the end, the Roman troops and the Germanic tribesman participated in mock combat and allowed the Germanic warriors an opportunity to prove their skill in arms.  
Retired auxilae prepared a feast that was pleasing for both German and Roman soldiers and much roman wine and german beer was drunk in the interests of keeping peace.
The Romans have left, escorting their citizens to safety and the news of at least one allied village to their command.   But winter has come and the crop is lean and Dernivs has many hungry warriors.
What will await the Romans when they return?  
(more scenario details upon development)


Event Information



Ravensborg Viking Longfort

Knox City, Missouri 63446


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